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Broken - Scott D Harris
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Netta Vae - Scott D Harris
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St Augustine 1978 - Scott D Harris
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The Distance Of Time - Scott D Harris
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The Reason

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Once Upon  A Life

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Born in Detroit, the grandson of a Pikeville, Ky. coalminer and the son of an over the road truck driver, Scott grew up shuttling between the motor city and several small towns in Tennessee, moving back and forth sometimes more than twice a year till he left home in high school to make music and escape the trappings of domestic drama and chaos that had been his family's way.

The suicide of his father when Scott was 20 had a profound effect on his life and musical direction.  He cut his teeth as the guitarist/co-founder of middle Tennessee favorites Lusty Jane in the late 80's and Dead Boy Soul in the 90's.  He then went on to form Zin Dog in 1999 releasing two Indie records "32 Leaves" and "The Blackmail Tapes" which are still available worldwide.  Zin Dog was a staple on the scene in Clarksville and Nashville in the early 2000's.  Many weekends they could be heard blowing the roof off the old classic hangout Windows on the Cumberland!

But, in '02, tragedy struck again... 

This time, he went underground.  Writing and recording pretty much alone for the past thirteen years... emerging to play the occasional gig with his old friends.  He released the cult favorite "Maybe this is how it ends" in 2015, which is available on ITunes, Spotify Amazon and anywhere digital music is sold.

Then, most recently, in December of 2017, he lost his dearly beloved Mother.

He found solace and comfort in completing the release which he had been working on at the time of her passing. "Once upon a life", which contains an ode to his mom, Momma's Arms.

Written two months before her death.

Most of his songs are stories of his life... tales of love hope death and sadness.

With Scott's latest record "The Reason" just released and available, you now have more of his unique brand of music to enjoy.

Scott's tunes are an eclectic blend of Country, Americana, Alt Rock and everything in between.

Heartfelt lyrics with true to life themes mixed with catchy melodies and acoustic based music, all written recorded and performed (every voice and instrument ) by Scott in his Woodburn, Ky Studio 3:30.  Nowadays you might catch him playing the occasional fair in Tennessee or back road speakeasy in Kentucky, and if you do, you will not forget it.  His approach is a little old school, a little chill and all memorable.

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